Saturday, April 28, 2012

3 Great Books for Cheap Fun Easy Crafts

When you have three kids you are always looking for inexpensive ways to have fun with the kids. I'm a work at home mom so I get to spend lots of time with my kids. My daughters are just babies but I love to craft with my son and my nieces, it helps to teach them all types of skills and builds confidence. I had been looking for some good crafting ideas to add to my arsenal of mommy tools so I went in search of a good book. I was simultaneously delighted and intimidated to find numerous choices online.

I always have rough time choosing when I have too many choices. I am a bad chooser if there ever was one. So since I couldn't pick just one I decided I would pick up three that all had a little something different to offer. There were a couple others that caught my eye and made it to my wish list. I'll let you know about those later on after I have picked them up and was able to try them out a bit. Lets keep it sweet and simple for now and talk about the three kids craft books I couldn't resist.

face painting book
  • Easy Face Painting I specifically thought about face painting because we'd recently gone to a fifth birthday party that featured face painting clowns. It was a big hit with both kids and parents alike. So I LUCKILY, came across this book, Easy Face Painting. It has simple cheek designs like a lady bug or a spider. Full face designs and holiday inspired designs.  There are color photos and step by step instructions.This book also gives information to readers about how to use face painting to make a little extra money on the side as a business. I do not want to do face painting to make money but I thought it was cool idea and very interesting that they put the information out there.

  • Biggest Ever Mask Making Book for Kids Can I tell you that I couldn't buy this book fast enough. I was more excited than my kid! I couldn't wait to get started. All of the choices were so much fun. There are 30 different masks in the book but the twist is that they give you 7 different ways to decorate each one so you can create many different designs. I loved the animal masks which comes in a separate book for free as a gift. My little boy is really into animals so he really got a kick out of making his animal mask. There are also awesome masks for holidays and special occasions which is also given in another book by the same author absolutely free! I would have spent cash money to buy any of them separately so I feel like I should get extra mommy points for this one. 

  • 50 Development Ideas for Kids  This one has to be my fave so far. This is like summer camp in a box without the box. There are lots of really imaginative activites like making treasure maps and fun stuff like pizza making but with whole wheat crust, so it's healthy-ish and fun too...that's definitely a plus. Another major kudo for this book is that for the project type crafts you can use household items you already have in your home. There is a recipe for homemade playdough. This is really cool its got a little bit of everything. I can pull this book out for all sorts of occasions. Love it!

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