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Top 10 Coolest TV Kids' Show Monsters of All Time

Everybody loves monsters right? I guess so, but I remember being a kid in my bed at night trying to fall asleep being afraid of monsters under my bed and vampires in my closet that would get me after I fell asleep. My dad would come and check because I'd beg him to the point of nausea - under the bed too. then tell me the coast was clear. I would be scared, still skeptical but I felt better. Despite all that preschool drama, some of my favorite shows were full of wisecracking monsters who were like friends that I'd sing the ABC song with everyday.

That is truly one of the reasons I enjoy being a parent. I get to revisit my childhood everyday and re-appreciate many simple things that I'd forgotten were fun. I am sure it is partly nostalgia, but I realize I still like those old TV shows and I can still identify with the characters. Today there are bucket loads more TV viewing options for kids on TV that redefine cool. Shows with diverse music, messages and languages, cool graphics and fun new monsters. As a mom & active Auntie, I sit and watch with the kids. I learn with them too, I know the kids' faves and I have some favorites of my own. Sometimes though, I like to venture back to some of the shows that were big "in my day". Guess what? The kids really dig some of those as much as what's new today. It just goes to show that classic is just plain classic and singing monsters never get old.

It took me a minute to realize that I had already spent way too much time in my own head debating the question. I asked a few different people got some of the same answers and some other "yeah I forgot about that one" type answers. It's been a fun exercise in connecting with my inner pixie so I thought I'd ask and see what do you guys think?.  Who are the top 10 coolest TV monsters of all time- past present and future? Here is my list in no particular order, with some picks from my cohorts who weighed in:

1.Animal From the Muppet Show:
I used to love him. Thought he was soooo cool because he looked wild and he played the drums. Animal has the most swag on the list for sure. I always felt at the end of the episode that I didn't get enough of him, that I wished he'd had more scenes...

2.The Fraggles: I was not crazy about Fraggle Rock but it was cool. I have friends and cousins that were Fraggles crazy. There was nothing like it on TV at the time, they used to rock out on the songs and had the teamwork thing going on. I definitely give The Fraggles their props and without a doubt, they have to be on the list.

3.Gargoyles: You didn't just think i meant monsters for little kids right? If Gargoyles was on TV right now, there would be no typing. Who wouldn't want to have a Gargoyle to take you flying through the night sky of your city or be your guardian to save you when you get in trouble. I wish I had one now to growl at my managers when they tell me to do something at work I don't feel like doing or to slap the lottery people around for not picking my numbers.

4.YO! Gabba Gabba: This list is in no particular order but ANYONE WHO KNOWS ME knows that I am a YGG fan. My house is full of YGG stuff: vids, books & coloring books, toys, you name it! I cannot decide which one is my favorite. When Muno's family comes to visit it is one of my favorite episodes; Brobee sings the hits like "Party in my Tummy", Toodee is sassy little cat-dragon with an attitude, she is always telling you what she doesn't feel like doing and giving Hi-5s; you gotta love sweet little Foofa. She is so cute...and pink...and happy...and she loves pretty flowers and animals. I always feel that life can't get any better when i am watching YGG and holding my...I mean my son's, YGG boombox radio singing and dancing to all our favorite songs.

5. Alf: He was an alien but I think it should be on the list. Alf was the man-alien. It was one of the best shows on TV for any age group, downright funny. I don't know why it was funny that he liked to eat cats but it was.

6. Pterri from Pee Wee's Playhouse: I never watched Pee-Wee's Playhouse much but no denying it is a show that will live on forever as a cult classic. That Chairey was kinda monsterish too but Pterri got the votes from folks who weighed in on the question. Pterri was one of Pee Wee's buddies, a child-like talking Pteranodon that was scared of everything. Welcome to the List Pterri.

7. Cookie Monster: Cookie Monster is the reason that this list can be in no particular order. Cookie Monster was my favorite on Sesame Street. Cookie is still one of the most beloved characters after being a TV staple FOREVER. Oscar was mean but Cookie Monster, with his googly eyes, scruffy voice and big blue furry physique, was the true gangster of Sesame Street, eating his way through not just cookies but whatever letters, numbers or random items got in his way. When I think about it, Cookie Monster was something like Sesame Street's equivalent to Bruhman from the sitcom "Martin" (who is still also all the way funny). But really, I think Cookie monster personifies what I said earlier about singing monsters never getting old because he looks fabulous. Cookie hasn't aged a day in 30 years!
8. Oscar v.Grover: I listed Oscar alone initially. I always used to laugh when Oscar would be a meanie to the rest of the Sesame Street gang. All the other characters are sooo nice, friendly and ever helpful he always made for a hilarious contrast. Oscar didn't like anybody then and he still doesn't today. Grover now totally opposite. Grover is friendly, a super-hero even. He goes by Super Grover when he is on super hero duty and helps everyone who lives on Sesame Street. Grover is slapstick in contrast and full of personality. Grover was definitely the pre-cursor to Elmo which makes Elmo more like Grover 2.0. Call me a softy but I couldn't pick between the two. Who is your pick?
9. Elmo: Speaking of Elmo...Elmo is like King of Monster mountain. Elmo is getting mo' money mo' money and mo' money. Show me a kid between the ages of 0 and infinity that doesn't dig Elmo and I will in turn show you someone who is likely to shoot up a Post Office. Elmo is cute, hangs with all the celebs who visit Sesame Street and is the host of his very own spin-off show, Elmo's World. I don't believe any of the other characters ever got a full-fledged spin-off. I too, am a big fan of Elmo. Actually, while watching an Elmo DVD that featured Elmo's dad I was pleasantly surprised to discover Elmo's Daddy talks like Fats Waller. Could Elmo be an undercover brother?

10. Pikachu. Arguable the bestest of all the Pokemon, a Pikachu is a kids best friend. The character Ash from Pokemon had a yellow Pikachu - apparently they come in other colors - as his mascot and it was cuddly cute...and deadly. Pikachu shot electricity from it's rear end often dealing a damaging blow during a heated monster battle to the bad guy at the right time. Pokemon is a whole MAJOR phenomenon and the little monsters have stats, evolutionary charts, special moves and breeding cycles. Pikachu's stats say a bunch of nerdy stuff that I don't understand yet I find the whole hoopla very interesting. However, I did read that Pikachu levels up with high friendship. Is it any wonder that all the little children love Pikachus and all the Pikachus love the little children?...THE END.

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