Monday, April 30, 2012

3 Easy Ways to Have a Pizza Party at Home with the Kids

The only thing kids love more than eating pizza is making pizza. Rolling the dough, sprinkling the cheese and picking toppings transform your hungry guppies into giggling mini chefs who are tickled by the DIY activity. Pizza making is great because its an activity that each of you can do separately but together and requires very little assistance for the assembly portion. Parents should of course ALWAYS supervise children using kitchen appliances.

All that being said, sometimes the kids aren't the's us. When I promise my kids a good time I want to deliver fool-proof results. Hey Dad, is it your turn to supervise the natives and have no idea what to do to keep everybody happily occupied at once? Mom maybe you are better at making reservations than dinner that doesn't come out of a box in a cellophane wrapped paper bowl? It's cool, I understand, there is no wagging finger at DuckyFace only assist. Take myself for example, I get plenty of compliments on my cooking skills but I am not sure that I am ready to handle making an authentic pizza crust.  That being said, I've never given a pizza party that flopped. Let me share with you 3 Easy Ways to Make Pizza with your Kids that I use to make pizza with my family. You choose your own toppings, I'll give you three different options and rate the level of ease. Before getting started, make sure everyone has clean hands, you've gathered your sauce and toppings and preheat the oven if required. 

English Muffin Pizzas: This is by far the easiest method. You pretty much just
cut the English muffin in half, add your sauce and toppings. You can make 2 pizzas from one English muffin. To "cook" the pizza is easy - microwave, toaster oven, oven or broiler until the cheese is melted. You can make tons of theese quickly have a great pizza party and just watch those little pizzas get gobbled up as soon as they come out the oven! Level of ease on this one is VERY EASY.

Pre-made crusts: Found in the bread section of your market, what a cool time saver! The taste is more like that of more like authentic crusts right out of a Pizzeria. They are already cooked and also need to be heated to melt the cheese. Pre-made pizza crusts can be found also with different seasonings added to the crust. You can buy these crusts with different seasonings for your little chefs with sophisticated palettes. I have purchased a pack of these crusts for $1.00 in the grocery section of my local dollar store and they are always there. My toddler loved did the cat. This one also is VERY EASY.

Pre-Made Dough: Now, let me clarify the difference between pre-made dough and pre-made crust.  Pre-made crust is already cooked. Pre-made dough is raw dough that you need to form with a rolling pin into the size and shape you prefer to use as bases for your pizza. You allow the dough to cook along with the toppings using this method. I've purchased pre-made dough from my neighborhood pizzeria and the supermarket both in the freezer aisle and refrigerated aisle where you find those pop open cans of biscuits. There are actually pizza crusts that come in those pop open cans as well. I remember buying them from my grocer for $1.45. But here is a 2 for one can actually use those biscuits in the can as crusts. Either way after assembling your pizzas and putting them in the oven, they should be ready to serve in about 25 minutes. All in all, a bit more difficult, takes a bit more time due to preparation  because you have to manipulate the dough and waiting for it to be ready to cool and eat. Still the level of ease for this one is EASY.

OK Moms & Dads, there you are: 3 easy ways to make pizza at home with the kids. Enjoy your pizza party!

Have ideas to share for having pizza parties with the kids at home? Write comments to DuckyFace blog.

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